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PO Box 211, Tweed Heads NSW 2485

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Cherie King

Cherie King



Cherie was born and raised in a small county town in Western New South Wales. Growing up in a small community, instilled in her strong sense of community values and awareness, which ultimately shaped her perspective on life. Very early on, Cherie realised her goal in life was to be a primary school teacher, this was born through her positive schooling experience, and was nurtured through her parents support and that of other community members. When Cherie was in her early teens, her family moved to the Northern Territory for work commitments. The move proved to be a real experience, as it enabled her to see how other people live. It clearly demonstrated that every community has its own set of values, although very different, they are uniquely inherent. This experience further fuelled her desire to become a teacher, as she could see the key to empowerment, was through education. Upon completion of high school, another move was in order, as university courses we not available in her town, so it was off to Adelaide, where she successfully achieved her goal of becoming a primary school teacher. Cherie’s first posting was in a small township, not far from her home town. During her time there, she met Gary, who later became her husband. Together they have 2 children and they have instilled in them the importance of being responsible for their actions, both personally and globally. So when the concept of Tweed Skips came to fruition, Cherie was most supportive and could see the benefits of providing an environmentally responsible service, that could also subtly aid in educating people about the importance of behaving in a sustainable manner. Cherie continues to pursue her passion for teaching and also works alongside Gary in their business, to ensure their business maintains an environmental conscience.

Gary King

Gary King



Gary was born and raised in country Victoria and has always had an affinity with the land. As a child and young adult he spent many hours fishing in the river and immersing himself in the beauty of the bush. His appreciation and respect for the environment led him to completing an apprenticeship in horticulture, which allowed him to implement a variety of strategies, to successfully propagate and grow flora, as well as to protect and preserve the environment. Gary then moved into the construction industry, working in variety of settings, that saw him realise the importance of recycling, not only from an economic perspective, but also from a resource preservation point of view. After moving to the north coast of New South Wales, Gary’s passion for all things green, came to the fore again and he successfully ran a garden maintenance business, for five years. Through contact with his clients both old and new, it became increasingly obvious that there was a growing need for a waste removal service, that was accessible to all, time effective for the client and most importantly environmentally responsible. Hence the birth of Tweed Skips, a waste disposal service that is committed to helping others reduce their carbon footprint, to ensure a better future for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many trailer loads can I get in the bin? Many customers like to use 'trailer loads' to estimate the size of bin they need but care must be taken when considering this. A 2m³ bin will hold 3 6'x4' trailers of soil or rubble - that is legal loads (not stacked, caged or dangerously loaded). For general household or green waste it is a bit trickier. The amount you can get in the bin depends on how well you utilise the space: how much air space you leave. To maximise the space, cut green waste into smaller pieces and pack it down tightly. Flatten boxes, break up furniture and fill air spaces to get the best value for your money. How far ahead should I book my bin? If you need a bin for delivery early in the working week, then the day before is generally OK. For weekends book a few days ahead so that we can supply you with the size you prefer. In periods leading up to Christmas, Easter and long weekends you may need to book a few days in advance. How can I estimate what size rubbish skip need? To estimate the size of bin you need, imagine your rubbish in a pile and then estimate it volume like this: Length x Width x Height = 1.8m x 1.6m x 1.3m = approx. 3.7m Choose a 4 cubic metre bin What is a cubic metre? A cubic metre is a standard unit of measurement. One cubic metre is the amount that would be held in a cube that is one metre wide by one metre high by one metre deep. See the diagram to the right for a pictorial representation. How much can I stack the rubbish skip up? We are not allowed to carry an unsafe load - so your bin must be safely stacked to the upper rim, or in the case of soil or green waste, rounded so that it can be tied down and tarped. The waste should not be able to move in transit and must not hang over the sides. Will you place the bin on the verge or in the street? We must place the bin on your property and not public land or land that does not belong to you. You may approach your council for approval but we must sight the approval before leaving the bin on public land. You will be responsible for insuring the public risk if you have your bin placed outside your property boundaries. Check with your Council for approval guidelines. Can you place the bin under my carport or in my garage? No, we cannot risk the damage to your property. But we can often place it at the front of your carport or over to one side to leave room for your car. What about hazardous or toxic waste? For pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, contact your local council for details of when and where they hold their collection days for these items. What should I do with old tins of paint? If the paint is dried and hard, you can put the tin in your Tweed Skip bin. However if it is still liquid, you could leave the top off the can and let it solidify before including it with your rubbish. If there is a lot of paint, try placing paper in the bottom of a cardboard box and tip the paint in to make it spread out and dry quicker. Once dry, it can be disposed of in your normal rubbish or in your Tweed Skip bin. Can I mix the load? Yes, you can mix the rubbish - green waste, concrete, bricks, soil, household rubbish. We will sort the waste at our depot facility and send the contents for re-use, recycling or conversion to alterative fuel. Can I fill the bins with concrete or soil - is there a weight limit? The 2 and 3 cubic metre bins can be filled to the rim with concrete and there is no weight limit or additional charge. Limitations apply to larger bins. Please speak with us regarding your heavy materials such as concrete, bricks, soil and roof tiles. What can I put in the bin? You can place anything in the bin except those prohibited by law: No asbestos, syringes, tyres, batteries, liquids. chemicals and other prescribed or offensive wastes. For information regarding the disposal of these, contact the EPA or your local council. Can I have a trade account? If you are a licensed builder, tradesman or registered business, complete our account application and meet our credit requirements, then we can provide you with a 14 day trading account. Call us for an account application or to enquire about special privileges for our trade customers. When is payment required? We collect payment on delivery of the bin or you can pre-pay by credit card or at our office. Our drivers can accept cash or cheque, they carry change and will receipt your docket. Most customers choose to pay by credit card if they do not expect to be on site at delivery. Call us if you would like to arrange electronic transfer. Can I fix a time for delivery or collection? At most times we can provide you with a 2 hour time window for delivery. What is the earliest or latest that you can deliver or collect my bin? We can generally arrange early morning deliveries. The latest we will guarantee delivery is between 2 and 4PM daily. Can we get a bin delivered on a Saturday or Sunday? We deliver on Saturdays (generally on the Saturday morning), unfortunately our local council does not allow delivery and / or pick up on Sundays. Please book your Saturday delivery by close of business on Friday. If I want the bin longer, is there an additional charge? We charge $15.00 per additional day if we cannot collect after the 7th day due to reasons that you control (e.g. locked gates, bin inaccessible or overfilled). Can I get it collected earlier? Yes, call the 0421 999 018 or 02 66760098 to arrange an earlier collection or use the fast pickup page available here or on the home page. How long can I have the bin for? We leave the bin with you for 7 days or we can collect earlier if you wish. That is we deliver on day 1 and collect on day 7 so that you have a genuine 6 full days in between. This is ideal for weekend clean-ups! 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