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163 Surrey Road., Blackburn VIC 3130

Also Services: Bayside, Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne, Melbourne Inner Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Melbourne, and Yarra-Dandenong Ranges

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Business Overview

Want a rubbish removal contractor, need to de-clutter, get rid of and recycle that unsightly junk, or maybe a bit of assistance with preparing your property for sale? It's all happening at One Man's Trash.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you say your rubbish removal services could be the best deal in town?

Because I am upfront about salvaging any treasures from your trash. If the logists don't get away from me and i can easily on sell some of your junk, then I can offer you a cheaper price.  


What if there is nothing to salvage?

Still happy to do the job for you. I may just not be the best deal around but I'm still competetive.

Do you have an hourly rate?

No, I give a firm quote.

Can you price a job over the phone?

Sometimes, but i can give you an idea of the cost or at least an estimate.

Do you have a minimum charge, a call out fee?

Yes, currently $70 but i can be flexible. Salvagability again comes into question.

I just have a few mattresses, how much will it cost?

Mattresses are the bane of the rubbish removal contractor. If you just have one mattress and nothing else then i can usually incorporate the disposal into my call out fee. On top of any other job, $35.00 per mattress.

What are you operating hours, do you work weekends?

I love what I do, I respond to any phone call anytime of the day or night. Of course I work weekends.

Do you supply skip bins?

No, I do not supply skip bins but I do at times incorporate a large bin into the operation. This may happen, for example, when I am running a very large and drawn out job over several days. Also when the client has aranged for a large bin and wants me to assist them in pushing the job along.  

Do you remove asbestos?

Absolutely not, but I can arrange to have it removed for you

Do you remove old cars?

No, but I can arranged to have them removed also.


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Business Hours

Monday 07:00am to 08:00pm
Wednesday 07:00am to 08:00pm
Thursday 07:00am to 08:00pm
Tuesday 07:00am to 08:00pm
Friday 07:00am to 08:00pm
Saturday 07:00am to 08:00pm
Sunday 07:00am to 08:00pm

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