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Po Box 247, Ermington NSW 2115

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Domestic - Commercial - Industrial Waste Services Servicing Sydney NSW Australia. Just Bins offers friendly, reliable and professional Skip Bin Hire.


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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Just Bins Waste Services.

Michael Brown , Brown Bros Builders Pty Ltd
Our company Brown Bros Builders Pty Ltd have used Just Bins for our rubbish removal for the last 6 years. They are a company that give personalised service and from our experiences are 100% reliable. Often on our jobs we co-ordinate deliveries around Just Bin changovers which demonstrates our confidence in them to deliver the bins on time. The owners Rob and Chris are all hands on and do some of the deliveries themselves which guarantees that a level of quality control is achieved with their company that in my experience is unmatched in the rubbish removal industry. I can't recommend them highly enough. Yours sincerely
Anthony Cross , Davco Building Pty Ltd.
It is with no hesitation that we acknowledge that Just Bins supply an outstanding service to our company. Robert and Chris supply a prompt, reliable, cost efficient and friendly waste and recycling service that we believe is second to one in their line of business. They have a good team of drivers that are always on time and seem to really care about their work They offer a service that delivers waste bins to our residential building company that operates right across Sydney on some sites with extremely difficult access which is much appreciated. We have had a business relationship with Just Bins for a period of approximately 6 years and look forward to working with them for many years to come. Yours Truthfully,

Frequently Asked Questions

Why select Just Skip Bins?
  • Quality Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Established Company
  • Friendly Service
  • Online Quotes
  • Wide Service Area Sydney
  • Professional and Reliable
How much can I put in a bin?

Bins are rented out by the volume in cubic metres. They are to be filled up to 'water level only, i.e. not above the rim!

  • It is illegal to transport a waste container loaded beyond its dimensional limits. Large fines are applicable, as well as demerit points against drivers licence if a truck is pulled up by the RTA or police.
  • Whilst tarpaulins are used to prevent material escaping during transit they have no structural integrity (legal or actual) thus they are not strong enough to prevent heavier debris from dislodging.
  • The same applies to 'hungry boards'. These are sheets of waste material such as gyp-rock, doors, plywood etc that are placed along the inside perimeter of the bin, effectively increasing the volume.
  • At Just Bins, we try to offer the lowest prices possible. If every bin, however, came back to our depot overloaded, over the course of one year it could be as much as 3000 cubic metres of waste material we must process that hasn't been paid for. This equates to a lot of money $250,000 which we would have to then incorporate into our bin prices.
Some tips to maximise your bin load without over filling
  • pack bin carefully leaving no airspace
  • break up or crush larger items such as furniture
  • don't put items in a bin if the council recycles it for free eg cardboard, glass bottles
  • store the bin on your property if possible to deter anonymous donations''
  • The following diagrams may help show how a bin can be loaded
What can i put in a bin? It is quicker to list what can't go in a bin
  • Asbestos unless it is specifically and exclusively for asbestos by prior arrangement
  • household food waste, nappies etc.
  • noxious chemicals
  • large amounts of wet paint (a few tins are ok)
When the bin is loaded ask yourself this question: Would I like to drive behind a truck carrying this on the road?


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