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Specialising in Rubbish Removal, All Types of Rubbish is located in Artarmon, NSW.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not sure of the volume of rubbish to be taken away?

Speak to an ATR consultant. We offer obligation free quotes over the phone & can confirm the price on arrival prior to loading. Usually a price range will be given & this is almost always accurate. If you’re happy with the price we load immediately, if for some reason you’re not satisfied with price we simply go onto the next job. You always remain in control.

How can I reduce the cost of heavy loads that have mixed waste streams?

ATR has a capped rate for heavy mixed loads. If it’s not possible to separate the loads due to volume or time constraints, we can dispose of your rubbish at a fixed rate of $450 + GST for loads between 4m3–6m3 (Up to a maximum of 2m3 of heavy waste per 4m3-6m3 load.)

What is the difference between the truck & skip bin services?

Each service has its benefits so it really comes down to your individual circumstances. Listed below are the main differences.

  • Trucks

Ø Cost – We charge by the cubic metre so you only pay for what we take away. Bins are charged on size not how much you put in it. The trucks are almost always more cost effective than bins.

Ø Time – We load the truck for you saving you time & the need for you to do heavy manual labour. Also, as we arrive & take away the rubbish at the same time it’s more efficient than a bin.

Ø Service – Trucks are far more reliable & punctual for agreed times of arrival.

Ø Access – The trucks can get into most restricted access areas that say a standard 4WD could access.

Ø No permits required – Unlike skip bins that are left on the street or nature strip, councils do not require trucks to have permits. Permits can be costly & time consuming in applying for permission.

Ø Labour – All full loads come with 1 hours labour included in the price.

  • Skip bins

Ø Heavy mixed waste types – Bins may be more cost effective for heavier mixed waste types like combinations of soils, bricks, tiles & concrete.

Ø Loading over an extended period – If you cannot stockpile rubbish for a truck to pick up a bin can be left for a standard hire period of 7 days to be loaded.

Ø Damage to property – Bins may scrape & damage surfaces or even structures in tight access situations. Protection (Plywood or MDF sheets) may need to laid where the bin is to be placed.

Load sizes – You must estimate the volume of waste to go into. If you underestimate the size, you may have pay extra for another bin. If you overestimate you may pay for space you didn’t need

What makes ATR different from other rubbish removal operators?

Most rubbish removal contractors offer their services based on their product. An example would be skip bin providers will only want to sell you a bin whether it’s the best option or not. That’s the product they sell.

ATR on the other hand offers a wide range of rubbish removal options. We listen to your needs & come up with the most cost effective solution for your individual circumstances. We offer a truck service where we load the rubbish, a skip bin service that you load, additional labour or machine loads if required or a combination if that’s what’s needed to get the job done. Then there’s our professionalism;

  • ATR is fully Licensed & Insured
  • All our employees are trained well above industry standard
  • ATR was a highly commended finalist in the WorkCover NSW SafeWork awards
  • We are members of good standing in the MBA & DCA industry associations
Do you provide free over the phone quotes?

Yes. Our knowledge & experience are freely available. Please speak to a consultant prior to booking for the most cost effective method of disposing of your rubbish.

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